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How do I contact a live person at Cheers On Demand?

Call us directly at (310) 306 - 1914.


What is the best email to reach Cheers On Demand?

[email protected]


1.1 What is Cheers On Demand LA?

Cheers On Demand LA is an On Demand convenient way for consumers of legal age to order wine, beer, spirits, mixers, grocery, cigarettes, and tobacco.


1.2 Does Cheers On Demand LA offer Corporate Orders?

Yes! Let us keep your fridge stocked, send gifts to your accounts or teams, and set up your office parties and events. Order online on our site, or you can email us at [email protected] as well as call us directly at (310) 306-1914.


1.3 What services does Cheers On Demand LA provide to Corporate accounts?

Happy Hour

Private Parties

Gifting and Concierge Services

1.4 Can Cheers On Demand LA cater my next party?

Yes, have your next party for the big game or the big celebration delivered by Cheers On Demand LA. The best craft beer, wine and spirits can be delivered to your door On Demand. Spend your time focused in the moment with friends and family and we will take care of the logistics.


1.5 Why not go to a liquor store?

You never have to leave the comfort of you home or office to enjoy a bottle of wine, beer or spirit. Just tab a few buttons on your mobile device and have Cheers On Demand LA make any moment into a pleasant one. Cheers!


1.6 Can I send a gift with Cheers On Demand LA?

Want to gift someone a bottle of fine wine, craft beer, or liquor for their birthday, promotion or to say I'm sorry?  Or forget to bring that bottle of wine to a dinner party? 

With Cheers On Demand LA, you can give the gift of alcohol On Demand with the tabs on your mobile device.


1.7 What is Cheers On Demand operating hours?

Cheers On Demand is here to serve you! We are open 7 days a week with the following hours:


Sunday - Thursday 8am - 11pm

Friday - Saturday 8am - 12am


1.8 Is there a Delivery Fee to use Cheers On Demand?

Yes, On Demand delivery in Los Angeles, CA is only $4.99!


1.9 Is it possible to pay in cash?

All charges must be paid by credit card.


1.10 Can I add a tip to my order through my credit card?

At checkout under shipping method, you have an option of adding a $5, $10, or $15 tip for the services rendered. All tips are appreciated!

1.1 Does my order come chilled?

Your beverages will be delivered chilled items, they should arrive cold. However, on the rare occasion the beverage is not delivered chilled, we may send a bag of ice to help serve a cold drink.

1.2 What if I'm unable to receive my delivery when it arrives?

If driver is unable to contact you, the purchased items will be returned back to the store. Please note, stores reserve the right to charge a $20 restocking fee.

1.3 What if the delivered items are incorrect or damaged?
While these instances are rare, our partner stores may make minor errors and we do our best to correct these scenarios as soon as possible. We encourage all customers to check their products immediately upon delivery. If there may be an issue or concern with the order, please reach out directly to the store or contact the Cheers On Demand team. *Please note that any delivery issues must be made known to us within 24 hours of delivery for us to attempt correction.
1.4 How long does delivery take?
In most areas, deliveries take under an hour. Delivery times are subject to our retail partner stores, and other variables such as time of day, order volume, and traffic conditions. In most areas, deliveries take under an hour. We also offer the option of scheduling a delivery ahead of time up to 8 weeks in advance. Yup! We most certainly can!
1.5 Can you deliver to my office?
Yup! We most certainly can! We will have it delivered to your office and even stock your bar if you need.
1.6 Does Cheers On Demand offer Corporate companies with an invoice option?
Yes we do! We have a few different options of terms. Send us an email at [email protected] with your details.
1.7 Can I send over gifts to a corporate office?
Yup! Just be sure that you provide the contact number of the recipient and the recipient has his/her ID at the time of delivery so we can verify name and age of recipient.
1.8 Do you have a bartender service?
Yes, we have bartenders available. Our bartenders do require a 48 hour notice.
1.9 Can I make changes to my order?
Of course! Give our office a call and we’ll be happy to make those change in the event that the delivery driver is not in route yet.
1.10 I’m planning an event but I’m not sure how much alcohol to get. Can you help?
Of course! We cater to several well-known corporate offices on a weekly basis and have a great deal of experience in planning the alcohol to guest ratio. Call us at 310-306-1914 or email us at [email protected] with the expected number of guests, your budget, date & time of the event and we’ll be happy to help! We also offer bartending services, non alcoholic beverages, as well as supplies (ex: cups, champagne flutes)
1.11 Do you deliver gifts in Los Angeles?
Yes, we deliver gifts throughout Los Angeles(LA). We can gift wrap them and write a hand written note at no extra charge. Please make sure to leave a note of what you would like in our notes at checkout or send us an email at [email protected]
1.12 Do you offer scheduled deliveries?
Yes, we offer scheduled deliveries up to 3 weeks in advance. You can let us know of what date and time you would want the delivery on our notes page at checkout of send us an email at [email protected]
1.13 What else can you deliver?
We’re glad you asked! We also offer non-alcoholic beverages (water, juice, soda, etc.), snacks (chips, crackers, cookies, etc.) as well as event necessities (ice, bottle/wine openers, champagne flutes, cups, etc.)
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